Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (2023)

By Eduardo Luquin

Fate's 4th Holy Grail War made for some great Master & Servant teams, but which newly drafted pairing would win it all in this anime?

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (1)

On one side of the war, we have the Masters. The modern-day magi that fight tooth and nail for a chance at the Holy Grail. On the other side, we have the Servants. Their famous familiars and (sometimes) faithful Servants with awesome power thanks to their grand legends. We may know how the 4th Holy Grail War ended up but what would happen if we mixed things up.


What follows is a what-if scenario for the ages! Taking the Masters and the Servants, we mix and match them to see how the new combinations wouldfareand how it would affect the outcome of the whole Grail War. Welcome to Fate/Zero: Alternative Edition.



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8 Kotomine & Gilgamesh

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (2)

Some people might consider this cheating and but we consider this cutting the middle-man out. (Just like Kotomine did.) Now instead of stealing Gilgamesh out from under the dead body of Tokiomi, Kotomine was lucky enough to have summoned Gilgamesh from the get-go.

With this small change, there wouldn't be too many differences between them. They would still start forced allies and then become accomplices in the crusade to make each other's true intentions come true. Gilgamesh would once again usher out Kotomine's bad side and Kotomine would help Gilgamesh in getting the Grail. The only difference would be that Tokiomi might get to live a bit longer.

7 Tokiomi & Saber

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (3)

Tokiomi does what his daughter could not, successfully summon Saber. If Rin could gather the necessary components to summon Saber in a time when the Tohsaka family was struggling then Tokiomi should have no problem doing the sameback in its prime.

How'd they would get along...that is another matter. While Tokiomi doesn't flaunt it as openly as Kiritsugu and his "blow up a hotel to get one mage" lifestyle, Tokiomi would do nearly anything to get results. This is the man who pawned off his own daughter to another family to make sure Sakura and Rin didn't fight over being the heir, so its a safe bet to believe he would be willing to bend the rules to get a good result. And if that doesn't piss her off, having to work with Gilgamesh and Kotomine would. At least, until the inevitable backstab.

The only question left would be if Saberwas enough to protect him?

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6 Kayneth & Rider

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (4)

Let's say that Kayneth's original catalyst wasn't stolen by Waver and he managed to summon Alexander the Great as intended. How would that turn out? Probably pretty complicated.

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While Rider would admire Kayneth's wish to have a proper mage battle, his tendency to hide behind his Servant would grate at his nerves. Waver was nowhere near as talented as Kayneth when it came to magic, but Rider admired that Waver was willing to stand beside him in battle. Much like his soldiers did when he lived. At the very least, Kayneth wouldn't have to deal with Lancer's magical enchantment that made his fiance fall in love with his Servant.

5 Waver & Lancer

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (5)

Oh! No! Waver stole the wrong catalyst! Whatever will he do? Pretty well, actually.

While Lancer doesn't have the same mentor vibe that Rider had, he would still treat Waver like a little brother. The bond would be different, but it would still be there as the loyal knight would take care of his young charge. There would be quite a few bumps in the road due to Waver's tendencies to act like a spoiled child, but Lancer's loyalty would probably serve to help even him out. Giving him much needed confidence and a sense of self-worth.

There is a chance that Lancer would get something out of this too. If they managed to meet Saber by herself, there isthe possibility that he would manage to get a proper fight with her like he always wanted. As long as Tokiomi, Kotomine, or Gilgamesh don't get in their way.

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4 Ryuunosuke & Assassin

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (6)

A killer with a killer. While Ryuunosuke and Assassin wouldn't bond on the same level as he did with Caster, he would still try to make great use of the great killer. Ryuunosuke is an unrepentant madman and would delight at the chance to have a small army of trained killers to do his bidding. Probably immediately putting them to work to further learn everything he can about death. Turning his already horrible killing spree into a full-on massacre. Leading to the first great crisis in the Grail War.

Much like with Caster, he would cause a giant problem that all participants would need to deal with. With a killer and his Servant having their merry way with the people of Fuyuki city, the supervisor in charge would task the other Masters and Servants with killing them. That amount of carnage enough to threaten the Holy Grail War and the secrecy between magi and the general public.

3 Kariya & Caster

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (7)

Poor, Kariya. He didn't have much luck in the Fate/Zero and this alternative take wouldn't be much better for him. In the same spirit of suffering, Zouken would push Kariya towards a despicable Servant like Caster and then Caster would probably take advantage of Kariya's weakened mind and body tocorrupt him. Much like Gilles De Rais lost his mind after Jeanne d'Arc was burnt at the stake, so to would Kariya consider darker means if Sakura was on the line

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In the end, Caster would probably lead the beat up and mentally not-all-there Kariya by the nose for the entire Grail War. Delighting in all of the wonderful atrocities he could commit all while promising that it was all in an attempt to help him save Sakura. Eventually, leading to a similar conclusion. He would try to summon a dark god and the other Servants would try to stop him. Kariya probably doing no better in the end with Caster by his side.

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2 Kiritsugu & Berserker

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (8)

The only problem with this set-up is that Kerry is a great mage killer but a horrible mage. Kiritugu doesn't have the magical power to properly supplement Berserker Servants who are like open facets when it comes to mana consumption. Thankfully, that is a pretty easy fix and her name is Irisviel.

Just like her daughter, Irisviel can become a Holy Grail... though to a less refined extent. That should give her enough magical capacity to handle a Berserker class if she were to do the same thing Sola-Ui did for Kayneth. Thankfully, Lancelot's mana consumption is less than the amount Heracles requires, so she should be able to handle it just fine. This should give Kiritsugu a wild but loyal lapdog to do his bidding.

And that would work for a time until she runs into Kotomine and he stabs her in the stomach. Without the power of Avalon and Saber to support her, she would die from her injuries. This leavesKiritsugu with a Servant he can no longer maintain. This means he would either have to watch Berserker fade away or die with him as Berserker drains his mana dry.

1 The Winner: Kotomine & Gilgamesh

Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All) (9)

Without the standard set of Servants and Masters in this Grail war,Kotomine and Gilgamesh are too powerful not to win. The only other combo that would come close would be Kotomine and Berserker and Tokiomi and Saber in this alternative take. Even then, Berserker and Saber are just not strong enough to take on Gilgamesh without some help or special circumstance.Especially since the thought of them working together is non-existent.

The other sets do not stand a match. Gilgamesh could easily conquerAssassin and Caster in the same fight. The Knight of Fiona and Rider would put up a valiant effort but they too would succumb under the weight of hundreds of weapons being flung their way. Kiritsugu could attempt to assassinate Kotomine, but that rotten priest has too many tricks up his sleeve to let that happen.

All in all, it's a landslide for Kotomine and Gilgamesh.

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Fate: Alternate Master & Servant Teams For The 4th Holy Grail War (& Who Would Win It All)? ›

The winners were Marisbury Animusphere and his Caster Servant Solomon, who used the Greater Grail to fulfill their desires after having defeated all the other Masters and Servants.

Who will win the Holy Grail war? ›

The winners were Marisbury Animusphere and his Caster Servant Solomon, who used the Greater Grail to fulfill their desires after having defeated all the other Masters and Servants.

Who won the fourth holy grail war in Fate zero? ›

After Kiritsugu rejects the grail, he orders his servant Saber to destroy it. Saber, using her most powerful move, breaks the Holy Grail causing all of its contents to spill out.

Who is the most powerful servant in Fate zero? ›

"Gilgamesh is the most powerful existence among the Servants in both the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail War and the strongest Heroic Spirit."

Who is the winner of Fifth Holy Grail War? ›

As the fully developed Angra Mainyu prepares to enter the world, a mortally wounded Kirei surfaces to prevent Shirou from getting in its way. Subsequently, the two engage in a brutal fight to the death. Accepting defeat, he dies standing upon declaring Shirō the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Who is stronger than Gilgamesh? ›

The advantage provided to Archer by his noble phantasm is the ability to completely overwhelm Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon, effectively rendering it useless.

Who is the most powerful Fate character? ›

Gilgamesh is by far the strongest Heroic Spirit who has ever been summoned, and Artoria is arguably in the top five, but there are a number of other Heroes who also deserve to be considered among the series' elite Servants.

Who defeated Gilgamesh in Fate zero? ›

He then implanted it into Shinji, turning him into a Holy Grail. Gilgamesh later tried to open the gate of the Holy Grail at Ryudou Temple. Shirou dueled and defeated him within his Unlimited Blade Works.

Did Shirou win the Holy Grail? ›

Shirou in Fate/hollow ataraxia opening. Shirou, as Saber's master, is the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War, having opted to destroy the Grail.

Who defeated assassin in Fate zero? ›

Upon learning that the seventh and final Master has been chosen, Kirei orders Assassin to kill Tokiomi, only for Assassin to be killed by Tokiomi's Servant Archer (Gilgamesh), while attempting to break into his mansion.

Who is the weakest servant in fate? ›

Amongst all the servants who exist in Fate Stay/Night, Medea is probably the weakest of them all. This is mainly because she is the only one servant who lacks any form of deadly offensive skill.

What is the strongest servant in fate grand order? ›

The ever-faithful companion of Gilgamesh in the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu proves one of the most competent 5-Star Servants. Enkidu's kit becomes a decent boss killer, provided players can use his skills efficiently. Enuma Elish (Noble Phantasm) not only is a decent damage dealer, but it also stuns opponents.

Who is stronger Archer or saber? ›

Though she has more raw potential than Archer, Saber Lilly isn't at full power at this point in time. Despite that, she's still a pretty formidable foe. This is comparable to a fight between Archer and Saber in her prime, with the lack of experience on Lily's end being the deciding factor of this fight.

Who is the strongest heroic spirit? ›

Nevertheless, at full power, Gilgamesh is undoubtedly the strongest Heroic Spirit of all time.

Who is the most powerful character in Fate Stay Night? ›

Artoria is commonly referred to as the strongest Servant in the Fate canon, as she has defeated several opponents in each route. Her swordsmanship and unbridled dedication to her task make her one of the best Heroic Spirits in the franchise.

Who is the king of the Holy Grail? ›

He becomes a benevolent and well-loved king. His reign is known for its heroic deeds and chivalric romance. In fact the name of his castle, Camelot, has come to signify a golden age. The greatest quest of Arthur and his Knights is the quest for the mythical Holy Grail, the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.

Can Gilgamesh defeat Thor? ›

The comic book version of Gilgamesh narrowly lost to Thor at a time in his life when he was without his eyesight. If he wasn't blind, he may have won.

What servant can beat Gilgamesh? ›

A Grand Servant like King Hassan or Solomon would make mincemeat out of Gilgamesh.

Can Gilgamesh beat Thanos? ›

Winning against Thanos is straightforward for Gilgamesh in terms of brute force. With high durability and the power to focus cosmic energy on his fists, he can deal lethal attacks against Thanos that are powerful enough to kill gigantic Deviants with one hit.

Who is the strongest Archer in Fate? ›

The best Archers in Fate/Grand Order are Ishtar, Gilgamesh, Nikola Tesla, Artoria (Summer), Arash, and James Moriarty. Archers are easily the strongest of the knight classes. Mediocre Archers would be on the upper end in a less-competitive class.

Can EMIYA defeat Gilgamesh? ›

Yes. The answer is obviously yes since a version did defeat him.

Who is Gilgamesh in the Bible? ›

Gilgamesh himself was recorded as the fifth king of Uruk (probably the Biblical Erech) and ruled approximately 2,600 BC. The father of Gilgamesh was also a king, and his mother was supposedly a goddess, and hence he himself was partly a god.

Can Gilgamesh use Excalibur? ›

Gilgamesh's trademark weapon is a naginata, a type of polearm. He otherwise uses many different weapons in different games, with the four most common being Excalibur, Excalipoor, Zantetsuken, and Masamune.

Who stole Gilgamesh immortality? ›

But when Gilgamesh came out of the water and saw that the plant of immortality was gone, stolen away by the snake, he wept and wailed bitterly. “To what end did I make this long and weary journey? For what purpose have I suffered?

Who killed Shirou Emiya? ›

In Fate/stay night. As the visual novel opens, Shirou lives in a Japanese household from the city of Fuyuki under the guidance of school teacher Taiga Fujimura, years after his father Kiritsugu died. One night at school, he witnesses a duel between warriors Archer and Lancer; the latter ambushes and kills Shirou.

Who does Shirou marry in Fate? ›

In Rin's Good Ending, she keeps Saber as her Servant, and Rin and Shirou live a normal happy life as a couple.

Will there be a 6th Holy Grail war? ›

The Sixth Holy Grail War takes place in Fuyuki City 10 years after the Fifth Holy Grail War and 20 years after the Fourth Holy Grail War. Because of the failure of the two previous Heaven's Feel Rituals the interval between the rituals was 10 years instead of normal 50-60 years.

Who is the strongest Assassin of all time? ›

The original Assassin that spawned the franchise and no doubt one of the greatest and strongest assassins to carry the hidden blade was Altair. Altair shaped the course of history For centuries to come and is one of the few to stand against both the Brotherhood and the Templars.

Who is the real Assassin in Fate? ›

Like all other Assassins summoned in each Holy Grail War, his true identity is that of the legendary Persian "Old Man of the Mountain," Hassan-i-Sabah, the leader of al-Assasīn, which originates from the word Assassin that is also used as his name.

Who was the first Assassin in Fate? ›

Assassin's True Name is Hassan-i-Sabbah. He is also known as Hassan of the Hundred Faces, Hundred-Faced Hassan, and Old Man of the Mountain.

Can servants get pregnant in fate? ›

— Fate/Requiem answered this longstanding question that Servants can indeed get pregnant.

Who is Gilgamesh master? ›

Archer (Gilgamesh)
Weight68 kg
MasterTokiomi Tohsaka(Fate/Zero) Kirei Kotomine(Fate/Stay Night) Himself
Appears in
9 more rows

Which is the strongest EMIYA? ›

EMIYA is the strongest easily. All the other Shirou got their powers from EMIYA in the first place and even though Kaleid Shirou has infinite mana his base stats are 2 times lower due to the contamination of the HS in the Ainsworth system. EMIYA > Kaleid Shirou > HF Shirou >/= UBW Shirou > Fate Shirou.

What is the strongest noble phantasm in fate? ›

The holy sword Excalibur is considered by many as the strongest Noble Phantasm that has existed throughout the history of mankind. It is a Divine Construct created by the fairies of Avalon, the greatest holy sword that serves as the physical representation of King Arthur's ideals.

Who is the strongest swordsman in fate? ›

Who is the best swordsman in Fate? Artoria is commonly referred to as the strongest Servant in the Fate canon, as she has defeated several opponents in each route. Her swordsmanship and unbridled dedication to her task make her one of the best Heroic Spirits in the franchise.

Who is the strongest type moon protagonist? ›

Soujuurou is the strongest TYPE-MOON protagonist when he first arrives from the mountains, but he gradually becomes weaker as he gets used to civilization and settles down as an "individual." He received combat training when he lived in the mountains.

Who kills Saber Fate? ›

Zouken would kidnap Illya while Saber Alter and True Assassin hold Berserker off until the shadow regurgitated him as Dark Berserker. Saber Alter is later defeated and killed by Shirou with assistance from Rider.

Is Caster Gilgamesh stronger than Archer? ›

Archer Gilgamesh obviously wins and crushes Caster Gilgamesh even if he doesn't use EA. Remember the only reason Acher Gilgamesh lost in FSN is because of his arrogance.

How powerful is Gilgamesh? ›

Gilgamesh is repeatedly stated to be most powerful Heroic Spirit, with his arrogance being his downfall. He should scale to virtually every other Servant due to this fact.

Who is the fastest servant in Fate? ›

Achilles is widely regarded as the fastest servant in the throne of heroes, at least on foot.

Who is the most powerful Saber class servant? ›

Among the many Heroic Spirits that can be summoned to fight in a Holy Grail War, King Arthur is widely considered to be the strongest Saber class servant.

Who becomes the strongest hero? ›

The Hulk

Bruce Banner found himself transformed into a monster known only as "Hulk." The details of the pair's symbiotic relationship might change, but at the end of the day, superhero comic books have one unbreakable rule: Hulk is the strongest one there is, and that's really all there is to it.

Who is the most liked Fate character? ›

1 Saber Is Synonymous With The Franchise (29,185)

Without a doubt, Saber is the most favorite character from the series as well as the games. In fact, her name and face have become synonymous with the franchise.

Who is the best king in Fate? ›

There are 3 kings present in Fate/Zero. Saber, Rider and Archer. Of the 3, Saber was by far the most noble and was saint like in her behavior, while the rest were tyrants, Gilgamesh more so than Iskander. Iskander was the most beloved and admired of the 3, while Gilgameah was the moat feared.

Who is the main guy in Fate? ›

Shirou Emiya is the main protagonist of the visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night. He is a young teenager who becomes the Master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Does Shirou win the Holy Grail war? ›

Shirou, as Saber's master, is the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War, having opted to destroy the Grail. Half a year later, he continues to live a peaceful life with the other Servants and Masters in Fuyuki.

How powerful is the Holy Grail? ›

Legends hold that the Grail had the power to heal all wounds, deliver eternal youth and grant everlasting happiness. In one popular Arthurian story, a character known as the “Fisher King” had a serious wound that kept him from moving.


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